Thursday, April 14, 2011

EXTRA CREDIT: Do Pink Fingernails Make You Gay/Transgender?

This ad appeared in the most recent J Crew catalog
This advertisement shows a mother painting her son's toenails pink. It stirred up a lot of controversy in the media. Read this article about it:
What do you think about this advertisement? Do you think it could do damage to a growing child's sense of gender roles? Are people making a big deal out of nothing? What does the controversy surrounding this advertisement say about us as a culture? For extra credit in the form of a half a letter grade boost to your paper on SU, write THREE WELL-FORMED paragraphs discussing this issue. DUE MONDAY by NOON.


  1. I really do not like this advertisement! This is just a start of how dudes turn and become gay. No i donot think if someone has pink nails that they are automatically gay. This is a big deal, boys donot paint their toe nails or finger nails espessially pink. This says that every person raise their child different and every person has the right to play with the kids to a certain extent. This is not cool for this boy, mother to paint his toes. Wonder what the father had to say. Sorry but i just read the whole thing and now i see 3 pg. My bad but i just wanted to say this. well can i get a little credit for this. lol

  2. It really does not matter if a guy gets his nails done but painting them pink is goin a little far for the simple fact you are basicly telling your son that it is ok to have colorful toe nails and it really is not i cant even say no more about this.

  3. I my opinion i think that it is the wrong thing to do, because young chidren look up to what there parent 's do and follow them as their leader.Keeping your child in line is the most important thing to do for future reference that's children need both parent's in their lives so that if its a boy like in the picture he can get in touch with both sides of the field as a man and having a sensitve side too at times.Another reasons why i think it is wrongis ,because once a child see his mother painting his toes pink he would try it again.When her son get the use of doing that it would be embrassing to here out in public.

    All parent's should teach there child or children to do the right thing and the right role to play such as act like a male if you are a male and female's should act like female's.Maintaining the role for your child makes your kids to grow up to be a strong mineded person as not being to sensitive as a male or as a girl having manly way's .Also making sure your children have respect for others as how your child would wont to be treated. When doing those thing's as parent's it give a good prospective on you as the parent as nhow the child was raise as a child. Then also keeping your child on the path way help show what kind of he or she is and how they will be in life.

    If the child mother in the picture keep's painting her son toes pink he may take it to the extreme,by dressing up in pink, wearing pink on his finger nail's just like mommy.Just by him wearing thing's like that he can get real sensitive.People who do not keep there children in line of what there gender suppose to do it will show as the children get's older.Once your child or children are grown up they may turn out a way that you may not wont them to turn out and all the blame will go on the parent's.Why do I Feel that that way about the picture is because pink is very much a girl color.

  4. In my opinion, I think pink is just a color. If you wear pink that do not make you a transgender. They have famous football players wear pink, do that make them gay. They have pimps that wear pink suits, that be pimping prositutes on the corner, do that make them gay. The answer is NO. "You should not judge a book by its cover."

    In other cases, putting pink fingernail polish on your nails is out of line. No male genger should put any fingernail polish on their nails period! I know in the ad it was playing with mother and son but in general its unacceptable.

    If a boy wear pink its does not mean he is goin to grow up as a transgender. Wearing pink do not affect a person in the future. Society have us thinking that pink is a girl color. Pink is just a color and any individual should wear it.

  5. I feel that the pink polish is just a little overboard for a boy. Maybe if it was clear polish it would be better, but I dont think boy should wear polish, not sayin they would turn out gay but it should be use by males. Most women or girls do not like polish themselves so I would want a male who is into polish if I dont use it.

    I feel like it could damage the child because you dont see real men walkin bout with the fingers and toes polish. Also I dont think people are just making a big deal, it should be a issue and not allowed. And as a person I would not allow my son polish anything.

    But advertisement says if the people like friends and family who pushes parent into thinking what is right and wrong for kids. But colored polish should not be wore bout a men. No matter if it doesnt determine if they are going to be gay or not, it just do not look good.

  6. In my opinion, first of all pink nail polish should never go on a boy point blank. It was made for women in ancient history. Nail polish origninated in many countries to signify heiarchy for women.

    This advertisement is very unusual to me. I was raised to know what is masculine and what is feminine. Moreover, certain things such as nail polish, lipstick, the color pink and makeup are for females. These are also norms. Society has branded pink for females for instance until just in recent years, a small population is trying to change that.

    All in all, for now pink nail polish on a boy is just wrong and an abomination.Nail polish is not for males and for females. It is worst enough that the child's mother is letting him paint his nails and painting them pink is even worse!!