Thursday, February 3, 2011


Because it seems like the weather is going to get significantly worse today, our class will not be meeting. In lieu of class, you are required to complete the assignment below.

In class today, we were going to workshop each other’s papers. That means that you would be assigned a partner who’s paper you would read and make corrections on. First, we would have all read ONE paper so that we could come to an agreement about what constitutes good grammar and good writing. Since we can’t meet together, we are doing this all by email, so be careful to follow the instructions. I sent this to the email address that you gave me on the first day, so you are going to need to check that in order to find out who your partner is.

1. First, think about what I will be looking for when I grade you: grammar, organization, structure, thesis statement. My two main concerns are that you write something INTERESTING and that you have a specific point that you back up. Make a short list of things you think you will be graded on.
2. Read this paper, taking into account the grading criteria you listed. There is a hard copy of this paper on the desk in the classroom if you want it. Otherwise, you will need to print it to correct for grammar or use the comments option in word and then print it to bring to class. POST your overall impressions about the paper as a COMMENT. What did this person do well, and what could they do better? Here’s the paper:

My Natural Hair is Better than Your Relaxed Hair

You know those people who seem to change their hair like they change their socks? I’m one of them. I’ve had relaxers, short bobs, henna’d hair, braids, weaves, wigs, texturizers, and pressed styles. Recently, I decided to forgo the chemicals and fake hair and wear my own natural, unaltered hair. Looking at all the females who rock relaxed hair, I can say with righteousness that my natural hair is better than your relaxed hair.

A relaxer is a chemical process that is applied to kinky hair in order to “relax” or straighten it. For those who want to maintain a straight style with relative ease, a relaxer is the go to product. It isn’t without its drawbacks. The chemicals in a relaxer are highly caustic, and are known for causing mild to severe burns if left on exposed skin. Also, because the hair must go through such a drastic change from its original state, relaxed hair is usually much more fragile than natural hair. It is especially susceptible to breakage which hinders any length the wearer may be trying to achieve.

Natural hair is hair that has not been chemically altered. Relatively few females with kinky hair wear their hair in its natural state. It is the healthiest state of hair because it undergoes minimal manipulation. Most females who wear their hair naturally also use organic hair products which nourish their hair and allow it to flourish. Styling natural hair can be time consuming, and finding a hairstylist in Baton Rouge who knows how to do more than either braiding it or straightening it can be a challenge. Regardless, the women who wear their hair in it’s natural state love it, and so do I. It’s healthy, it’s uniquely me, and yes, it’s better than yours.

3. Find your email on the class list (the people this email was sent to). Email your paper to the person who is listed before you. (The first person on the list will email the last person). When you receive your partner’s paper, read it, correct it, and comment on it. Send them back an email with your comments.
4. Based on the comments your partner made, make a list of THREE changes that you will make to your paper before Tuesday in order to improve it. I will be checking these papers on Tuesday to make sure that you have made changes.
Have a great weekend,

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  1. Shandricka Howard 110-10February 8, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    I enjoyed reading this paper. The author first stated all the ways she wore her hair before. She included the pros and the cons of relaxed hair and natural hair. I understand that the author loves her natural hair because it is simple and easy to maniuplate and ultimately more healthy/ Everyone has their own opinion.